Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Review: Driller: A Sexual Thriller (1984, Devil's Den)

When done well, parody in porn can translate into something that transcends the sole purpose of porn – to get people off. It can be humorous; tickling your ball-bag as well as your funny bone. After previously reviewing The Passions of Carol (a parody of A Christmas Carol) which does parody the Dickens’ story quite effectively, I thought why not cover another parody on Cinema Head Cheese that’s target is on the “King of Pop” called Driller: A Sexual Thriller from Devil’s Den DVD.

Timothy Greene Beckley, whose best known to micro-budget movie fans as schlock-meister, Mr. Creepo (Skin- eating Jungle Vampires, Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires) put together Driller: A Sexual Thriller with his partner, Joyce James, who also is the feature’s director. Adorable Louise (Tajia Rae) is fixated on pop-star, Mr. J, so much that after his show performing a song that sounds a lot like Jackson’s Billie Jean – she then summons his larger than life presence to her bedroom. Mr. J breaks out into a groovy dance routine while Louise waits patiently in her bed … then comes the transformation. Our pop-star has now turned into a werewolf with a two foot twirling penis. A drill...if you will. He enters the minx, spurts some of his blue colored ejaculation all over Louise and her room, than takes her to his place – a dungeon.