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Friday, October 14, 2011

Whimsy in the Boudoir: Radley Metzger's THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN

Humans. We are curious creatures by nature. For example, when you walk by an open window, what is your first instinct? To look. Not always to intentionally be nosy, but just by sheer, curious instinct. What about that guy? Is he a boxers or briefs man? What about that girl? Is she happy with her life? Now take that and imagine if you got to be a private detective and follow around a beautiful, leggy blonde by the name of Pamela Mann. That's exactly the situation that grabs ahold of Eric Edwards in Radley Metzger's THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN.

Frank (Eric Edwards) is the type of detective whose personal interest in voyeurism, one that dates back through several generations (!), has transformed from a lurid hobby into gainful employment. (Talk about living the dream!) His bread and butter, naturally, are jealous lovers who often suspect their partners of infidelity. After having to break the bad news to one perturbed, awesomely fey man (Kevin Andre), he soon gets another case. The client in question? Mr. Mann (Alan Marlowe), a mens magazine publisher who is suspicious that his wife, Pamela (the flaxen haired Barbara Bourbon), is “doing things I wouldn't like.” Sounds kind of broad but between Frank's profession and the fact that this is erotica, you can guess what some of those things are. (Undoubtedly something wonderful, lovely and saucy.)

Speaking of the devil, Pamela soon encounters a lanky, initially nervous looking young man (a refreshingly tan and healthy looking Marc Stevens). She soon puts him at ease with the come on, “Want a good time, Sailor?” This line would be cheesy and borderline skanky coming from anyone else, but out of Bourbon it is just silly and cute. Stevens thinks so, too, as he smiles, with them going off to have a special moment in an alley during a thunderstorm. (Though no alley in NYC has ever looked so clean and flora filled. Mind you, that is not a complaint.) 

 The late, great Marc Stevens

We soon get to see their time together in some incredibly well executed slow-mo as Frank plays his footage for Mr. Mann, who seems more passively riveted than anything else. Meanwhile, Mann's receptionist (Naomi Jason) is getting routinely harassed by a young mustachioed man whose goony face matched with his penchant for whipping it out and punching the munchkin in front of her reeks of being a worm-burner. Granted, she only seems mildly annoyed and even employing a lobster bib, in one of the film's best sight gags, for preparation.

One character who crops up in Pamela's afternoon more than once is Linda (the always great Georgina Spelvin), your veritable wisecracking and likable hooker with a good nature and a breezy attitude. She ends up becoming an all too knowing pawn in a putzy actor's (John Ashton) game, who is out to prove his talent by trying to convince Linda that he is a gay man. Ridiculous, but funny and needless to say, he fails. 

The always great Georgina Spelvin.

In stark contrast, Pamela's next encounter ends up taking on a Patty Hearst/SLA tinge with her being abducted by two anti-fascist terrorists (Jamie Gillis and Darby Lloyd Rains). She manages to survive the encounter just fine and ends up meeting up with Linda, looking all sunshine and golden-haired, despite being “indoctrinated” in a bare looking garage. After offering Linda some some emotional and mental motivational support, they end up having some quality female bonding time. 

 Jamie Gillis and Darby Lloyd Rains corner Pamela. 

Meanwhile, Frank's still very much hot on the trail, getting more and more wrapped up in the case. What started off as just another workday has turned into a psychological riddle that has a certain pull for our detective. All of this in the name of unwrapping the beautiful enigma that is Pamela. 

 Frank looks for Pamela. 

THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN is one light and lovely film, right down to the carnival type music that begins the proceedings. Even the one dark moment, being Pamela's abduction, all ends up being part of an elaborate web of arranged fantasy. The whole film is riddled with mischievous deception, but much like a carnival funhouse, things are not always what they appear to be. 

The cast is great, with Edwards, Bourbon and Spelvin all being the big standouts. Edwards, one of the most solid actors to have emerged in the last 40 years, is fun as the man who truly loves his work. Perhaps a little too much but with his affable, “damn, I'm a handsome bastard” grin, it never comes across unseemly.

Eric Edwards: Handsome Bastard

Barbara Bourbon is part of the prestigious line of almost supernaturally beautiful Metzger leading ladies, which also includes Danielle Gaubert, Lynn Lowry, Constance Money and Silvana Venturelli. Like these other lovelies, she can also act and is quite charming as the intelligent and coquettish Pamela. As for Spelvin, she gives a spunky and high energy performance here. You can practically smell the grass, nag champa and pheromone funk that would have emanated from her character's apartment. 
 The beautiful Barbara Bourbon.

Direction wise, it is fully apparent here why Radley Metzger (under the nom-de-plume, Henry Paris) is well regarded as the maestro of sophisticated and often erotic cinema that appeals to almost all of the senses. Every frame in this film looks good and could easily be a photo in any adult minded coffee table book. (The gorgeous restoration at the hands of the always reliable Distribpix does not hurt either!) On top of that, Metzger's Pamela is no nymphomaniac bimbette with daddy issues. Instead, she's a confident, free spirited and smart woman who is ultimately the mistress of her destiny.

On top of that, you have some striking mirror imagery, something that has cropped up in a number of Radley Metzger films. It first occurs with the visual introduction to Pamela and then later on, when she has her climatic meeting with Frank. The real crux of this film is that people are often more than they appear to be, ranging from the Manns, Frank, the insecure actor and even Mann's beleaguered secretary. Every one of us often posses a duality. Human nature at its core is ruled by duality, so the double image and the double cross are two elements that are handled so well here.
If you have ever wanted to see a cherried out DVD set, then look no further at Distribpix's very loving and lush presentation. In addition to a gorgeous and cleaned up print, there is a veritable buffet of some truly great extras. This includes a commentary track with Metzger himself, both the original theatrical and fresh for DVD trailer, two in depth interviews, one with Eric Edwards (who is still as handsome and charming as ever) and the other with the eternally vibrant Georgina Spelvin, a still gallery, deleted scenes, a well written booklet and even a glossy photo card of Bourbon. However, the one truly unique extra is the softcore cut of the film.

Making safe for pay-cable broadcast and non-adult theaters versions of X-rated films was not at all an uncommon occurrence during the 1970's and 80's. However, it is safe to say that no softcore film could even touch with what they did with PAMELA MANN. They brought Barbara Bourbon back to introduce this special cut, complete with a bicentennial theme, to cover up all the offending shots. Sometimes it might be just a brief shot of her smiling face, but more often than not, she is going into mini-monolog mode, which ends up ranging from silly to borderline subversive and political! She even wears, at one point, a tricorn hat! Amazing. Granted, it probably mutes the erotic power of the film as a whole, but that is part of its brilliance. To quote Murray Head, I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine. Too bad this was shelved shortly thereafter, making its inclusion here even more special.

If you are a lover of high quality filmmaking, humor, the duality of human nature, sauciness and DVD companies that adore the films that they release, then you absolutely must check out THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Review: Heaven's Touch (1983)

It seems lately here at the Blue Cheese we've covered numerous titles directed by smut pioneer, Shaun Costello. Just from watching movies like Forced Entry, More Than Sisters and The Passions Of Carol, I've seen an attention to narrative that I’m not quite use to when viewing older fuck films. The hardcore sex is a given, but that’s not really what makes a these films in particular unique. With today’s review,Costello puts forth some divine intervention with the comedy, Heavens Touch. It’s essentially a goofy light-hearted comedy that borrows much from Hollywood film Heaven’s Gate. And get this, Heaven's Touch is actually much more entertaining than Heaven’s Gate.

Michael Knight plays Clark Kent lookalike, Henry Ottinger. He works in an office in the Twin Towers where he just trys to mind his own buisness. Somehow how though he has some magic over his female co-workers. It doesn't take too long before three of these co-workers coax Mr. Ottinger out of his office and into their orifices. This hot encounter takes place in a cozy storage room down the hall. Ottinger has got it made here as these broads are in desperate need of some nerd-cock. The gals even line-up in a row for him; like any smart fella he samples each soft booty and then coats them with the sticky stuff. Then, the unthinkable happens - his heart stops. He's swiftly brought up to the pearly gates to meet with goregous Penny (Veronica Heart - Wanda Whips Wall Street, Pandora’s Mirror).
Ottinger is really a pretty young fellow with so much life to live so Ms. Penny attempts to give him another chance at living. This time though, there’s a catch, it won’t be as himself but as other men who just happen to have very active sex-lives. Barry Armstrong is one of Ottinger's vessels during his return to earth. Armstrong has a lovely wife (Sharon Kane) and a butler named Finch (Ron Jeremy). Yes, a young svelte Ron Jeremy is on hand for some action and his scene with Sharon Kane is quite inspired. The "Hedgehog" does his thing, showing his massive prick size off to the camera. There was no gut to cover it then. Kane finishes Jeremy off with a pretty remarkable blow-job. Ronny pretty much "Jack Sparrows" Kane’s eyeball with his goopy kielbasa paste; she soon recovers like a trooper.

The sets on Heaven's Touch look damn good. Sure, you're not going to have a completely accurate looking Heaven but Costello really puts forth a great effort in building that look. Acting is also a solid area. Hart is awesome and is cute as ever, Knight is perfect for the role of nerdy businessman Ottinger and Jeremy is pretty funny as finch. The sex is non-stop and you do get a great variety including some scenes inside a sex club. I thought the opening triple-screw of the three office girls was a hell of a way to start the film.

Extra's wise Pink Flamingo has some very cool supplements. Most have appeared on the previous Shaun Costello Collection discs but if you have yet to purchase those you will certainly be happy with them. Here you get: extensive liner notes by Costello, text interviews on the disc (in English) with Costello and collaborator, Maryse Alberti and finally, a slide-show. The materials used for the transfer aren't immaculate but they do look solid. No splices, emulsion or any other film issues were encountered.

Enjoyable sex-scenes, top-notch production value and genuine laughs - you really can't ask for much more if you're in the mood for a great comedy porno. Pink Flamingo's Heaven's Touch DVD delivers!

Check out Pink Flamingo's website:

( Screencaps for Heaven's Touch provided by )

Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie Review: Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest

Two things that I enjoy most in my vast entertainment tastes are bouncing breasts and fart humor. When I saw that the folks at Alternative Cinema were producing yet another sleazy movie set similar to the very generous After Hours Films line called Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest, this filth enthusiast got quite eager to check out a new collection of vintage smut. The films compiled on the set include: Sex Odyssey, Dionysius, Honky Tonk Nights and Satan's Daughter. The atrociously animated Uncle Farts is your humble host for all four outings.

Sex Odyssey is kind of a rough way to start. There's really no dialogue, but I suppose the premise is cavewomen venturing out into the wilds in search of some very horny caveman that look like Frank Zappa and Jesus. Some of you may know about the "one-day wonder" in porn - this would be more like the one-hour wonder. It's really that cheap. The sex is soft-core, despite showing a not too flattering close-up of one of the primitive gals' hairy busted up sphincter. Imagine the Scarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi and you'll have a clear enough visual of the horror. Only this one has swallowed up more Jawas. Hardly something to throw a "Fast Five" to. Onto the next!

Dionysius is a little more of the same except the cast is slightly better looking(like less facial hair on the females. There’s even a topless actress bouncing her double DDs while she practices archery. Everybody appears to be a hippie in this one. Both Dionysius and Sex Odyssey have the oder of free-lovers. Unfortunately, this manages to be yet another soft affair but it's easier to watch and almost erased the trauma of the "Scarlacc" in Sex Odyssey.

Adult film legend, Georgina Spelvin plays a feisty bartender in the next feature, Honky Tonk Nights. This is by far the best looking production wise of the four and looks to have been kept in the best shape, but again very little action is on display for us perverts. Just a lot of mediocre singing. Honky Tonk Nights almost has the feel of a film that may have two versions - a soft and a XXX.

Our final feature (and best), Satan's Daughter, is heavier on the sex and takes a bizarre horror angle with Satan's Daughter having her birthday. This isn't your average birthday cuz there's a lot of fuckin'- including an energetic living room orgy. Again, of the soft-core variety.

We get a few extras on the disc in the shape of some entertaining liner notes on the films and a host of Alternative Cinema/After Hours trailers. The reel is fun if you haven't seen the trailers before on the their other releases. Overall it's a mixed bag. The Uncle Farts cartoons are an interesting touch but are rarely funny. Apparently there are more volumes coming in the series so hopefully the films get better.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Titles Coming July From After Hours Cinema!!

The RENE BOND SLEAZY 70s TRIPLE FEATURE is a toast to the lady herself - The Californian Queen of Sex - the "It" girl of the West Coast! SOUNDS OF SEX - Rene Bond and partner in grime Suzanne Fields are your giddy guides through an assortment of freaky sexual fantasies! CITY WOMAN - Three women decide to bare their bodies, explore the city and see the sights! SHOW AND TELL HOTEL - There's always something to see at the Show and Tell Hotel! From oral Olympics to incredible feats of fucking; you'll check in, but you won't want to check out!

Retail Price:$29.95

Three psychotropic features by filmmaker Eduardo Cemano, available for the first time on DVD. The Healers -Dr. Darby and his nurse are practitioners of a revolutionary sexual system of healing known as Orgasmic Free Flow. Fongaluli -This wild sex odyssey tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, whose adventures lead to encounters with strange sex-starved beings including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples. Madame Zenobia -A beautiful, sad young widow continues her love affair with the "spirit" of her late husband.

Retail Price: $39.95

Both drop on 07/26/11!

Check out more info here:

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Playground of the Mind: An Overview of Shaun Costello's HOT DREAMS

Movies have been one of the strongest forms of escapism since the days of the beautiful, ghost like image of famed belly dancer Little Sheba tantalizing/horrifying curious viewers on a Nickelodeon. Art is the safest way to explore facets about your own humanity and all of its murky little corners. With this, it only make sense for numerous directors working in the 70's and 80's to incorporate themes of adult fantasies in film. This concept is front and center in Warren Evans aka Shaun Costello's 1983 film, HOT DREAMS.

Lisa (the great Sharon Mitchell) seemingly has it all. She's beautiful, lives in a nice and roomy loft in New York City and is a successful beefcake photographer. The problem? She's married to a total schmoe, in the form her of her businessman husband, Bob (Michael Bruce). The film opens with the two in bed, all lovingly framed and lit, including some nice, tight composition. Soon, Bob starts rubbing her side, initiating what I like to call “the international sign of your partner waking you to get nookie” maneouver.) She's very receptive but just as things start getting good for Lisa, Bob finishes without making things equal. Even worse, his neglect is excused with him saying he has to get ready for work but then takes, like, 15 minutes to shave his non-facial hair. What?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 “We hide our desires, even from ourselves.”

The way a person approaches their sexuality can often reveal a lot about their innermost workings, to the extent where that is often more fascinating to explore than the act itself. But how many people can honestly face their sexuality and the mental machina behind it? You are probably wondering where in the hell I'm going with all of this, but never fear, since this psycho-sexual road leads directly to Shaun Costello's mid-70's film, MIDNIGHT DESIRES.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Review: Driller: A Sexual Thriller (1984, Devil's Den)

When done well, parody in porn can translate into something that transcends the sole purpose of porn – to get people off. It can be humorous; tickling your ball-bag as well as your funny bone. After previously reviewing The Passions of Carol (a parody of A Christmas Carol) which does parody the Dickens’ story quite effectively, I thought why not cover another parody on Cinema Head Cheese that’s target is on the “King of Pop” called Driller: A Sexual Thriller from Devil’s Den DVD.

Timothy Greene Beckley, whose best known to micro-budget movie fans as schlock-meister, Mr. Creepo (Skin- eating Jungle Vampires, Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires) put together Driller: A Sexual Thriller with his partner, Joyce James, who also is the feature’s director. Adorable Louise (Tajia Rae) is fixated on pop-star, Mr. J, so much that after his show performing a song that sounds a lot like Jackson’s Billie Jean – she then summons his larger than life presence to her bedroom. Mr. J breaks out into a groovy dance routine while Louise waits patiently in her bed … then comes the transformation. Our pop-star has now turned into a werewolf with a two foot twirling penis. A drill...if you will. He enters the minx, spurts some of his blue colored ejaculation all over Louise and her room, than takes her to his place – a dungeon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movie Review: The Passions of Carol (1975)

It’s been over a month since Christmas ended and I still can’t help but wonder why there haven't been more Christmas themed porn films produced over the years. I know, It’s a sacred holiday to folks of the Christian faith, and the thought of Santa in an orgy with Mrs. Claus and the elves is beyond morbid, but still. Over the summer I learned from a pal that an adult film from legendary "Golden Age" director, Shaun Costello, called The Passions of Carol (based on A Christmas Carol), was discovered by a persistent archivist. As a fan of both porn and Christmas, I was overjoyed. The Passions of Carol had been released previously (by Video-X-Pix)to DVD from an inferior quality master, so the actual movie has been around, but film elements were unfortunatley thought to be lost – until now. Video-X-Pix recently added Shaun Costello’s, The Passions of Carol to their critically acclaimed line of Platinum Elite DVDs (Blonde Ambition, Maraschino Cherry and Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle all have recieved the Platinum treatment). Now, with the participation of Costello (Forced Entry, Waterpower, More than Sisters), Video-X-Pix delivers a brand-new remastered release of this tinsel covered porn oddity.

The Passions of Carol surrounds the life of the bitchy owner of Biva magazine, Carol Scrooge (Mary Stuart). She’s no different from Ebenezer, as she shows zero respect to her employees. Bob Cratchet (Costello regular, the late Jamie Gillis) takes the brunt of Scrooge’s cold, slave-driving treatment, by being forced to work extra hours at Christmas time to fix the flaccid cocks in the photos for her publication . Well as they say ,"karmas a bitch”. Soon Carol's visited by the the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. The story is amazingly comparable to the Dicken’s classic, just with a few subtle changes, like hardcore sex... lots of it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Driller: A Sexual Thriller coming soon from Devil's Den/ MVD Visual

Zombies! Werewolves! Psychos! Pop stars! A depraved dungeon full of werewolves, zombies, mutants and hunchbacks converge for creepy copulations and outrageous orgies in this seldom-seen slice of 35mm vintage XXX sex and slime from 1984. Unsuspecting female fans of music megastar 'Mr. J', including adult legend Tajia Rae, are subjected to the sick and sinful advances of horribly hung hunchbacks, sex-starved psychos and the flesh-hungry undead when he leaves the stage from his latest tour and decides to give his groupies the grope of a lifetime! You will not believe the secret sexual weapon that this shape-shifting superstar unleashes to turn his fans' screams into creams, but it lives up to the title of the film... and did we mention it's a musical?

Bonus Materials
•Brand new transfer from original 35mm elements, Interview with producer 'Mr. Creepo' himself, Timothy Greene Beckely, Audio interview with Esmeralda: Driller's spooky squirter, Image gallery

Driller: A Sexual Thriller arrives on DVD, January 25th!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Movie Review: Pornographi (1971)

So far Pink Flamingo Entertainment in their short life as vintage filth purveyors have consistently shown a knack for giving some quality treatment to Golden Age classics that include their acclaimed “The Shaun Costello Collection”. Now the Danish company has brought a European adult film classic, Ole Ege’s Pornagraphi.

Comprised of ten short films, including such silent Ole Ege gems as: The Dream Girl (1966), Harem, Spanking (1970), The Pornmodel Ilse (1969), The American Girl (1970) and The Jolly Shave (1964), Crazy Strip (1966), Three Lively Girls (1964), Group Sex (1969), Springtime in Tivoli (1969). All the shorts were shot when porn was illegal so there’s an added naughtiness to the proceedings. One thing that’s constant about Ege’s short-films is that none are at all completely tasteless and it’s apparent with his craftsmanship that Ege’s as much an artist as he is a pornographer. Yes, we are talking porn here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest" Coming Soon!!

In this animated and live-action collection, the always inappropriate Uncle Farts and his sex-starved nephew Scooper are just settling in for a raunchy 1970s Soft-Core DVD Marathon when their prudish nosy neighbor blows the whistle, and their house is raided by the authorities! Luckily, it's the Vice Squad that arrives, and soon Uncle Farts and the whole gang kick back to enjoy four sleazy gems from the grindhouse era: Sex Odyssey, Dionysius, Honky Tonk Nights (starring Carol Doda, Georgina Spelvin of The Devil in Miss Jones and Serena of Pleasure Palace)and Satan's Daughter. More offensive than Family Guy and featuring crappier animation than South Park, UNCLE FARTS' '70s GRINDHOUSE SLEAZEFEST contains over three hours of soft-core sex films from the weird, wacky and very hairy '70s, delivered by our favorite cartoon family, Uncle Farts and Scooper "the boy wonder". The price is a meager $19.99 for this hanky soaker and is set for release on 3/22/11.

Only from Independent Entertainment and MVD Visual!

Pre-order at MVD's website here:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rickshaw Sideways: The Amero Brothers Blonde Ambition

There are moments in film history where a tag line serves not only as the greatest bait but also as the perfect description. Keep in mind this sort of creative/promotional kismet is about as rare as contraception at the Duggars', but unlike that poor-taste metaphor, it does happen. Vid-X-Pix's latest Platinum Release of BLONDE AMBITION is a fantastic example of this. The tag line in question...

If you liked Singing in the Rain and Deep Throat, then you will love Blonde Ambition!

Funny, yes, but incredibly accurate. Both films actually have the same light-hearted zaniness, but despite Damiano's brilliant theme song (Deeeep Throaaatt....deeper than deep your throat....don't get your goat...that's all she wrote...), DEEP THROAT doesn't really qualify as a proper musical. And unless there is some kind of hidden reel rotting away in some billionaire's attic in Zurich, there is zero sex and nudity in SINGING IN THE RAIN. (Too bad though. Gene Kelley in his prime is a beautiful, beautiful thing y'all.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Sleazy 70s Stags

Since my younger days as a miniature perve, one of my absolute favorite things to witness in a film (be it, XXX, X, R or PG) was God’s greatest invention, the bare breast. I thought it would be most helpful to start out this review of After Hours Cinema’s exhaustive titty loop compilation, Sleazy 70s Stags, with a proper definition of our jiggly pals: Breast - “The breast refers to the front of the chest or, more specifically, to the mammary gland. The mammary gland is a milk producing gland. It is composed largely of fat. Within the mammary gland is a complex network of branching ducts. These ducts exit from sac-like structures called lobules, which can produce milk in females. The ducts exit the breast at the nipple.” Ok, the “milk talk” is a little bit of a turn-off, so why don’t I just give you guys my definition of the breast: Boner-inducing mounds of loveliness.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Henry Paris Library coming soon from VIDEO-X-PIX!

Video-X-Pix is proud to announce the addition of the first four legendary ‘Henry Paris’ films to its historic collection of golden age adult films.

Made in the mid 1970s by famed director Radley Metzger using the pseudonym ‘Henry Paris’, these films are regarded as being among the greatest adult films ever made.

The films, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974), Naked Came the Stranger (1975), The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), and Barbara Broadcast (1977), will be added to the Video-X-Pix Platinum Elite collection – the industry gold standard for the re-release of classic adult films of the golden era

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Passions of Carol: A Real XXX Christmas Parody

Video-X-Pix presents their latest Platinum Elite remastered DVD release; a restored, edition of acclaimed cult filmmaker Shaun Costello's THE PASSIONS OF CAROL, an X rated parody of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. This classic adult comedy, which was first released theatrically in 1975, has long been sought after by fans of both its director and the sexploitation film genre, and is finally available in an ultimate collector's edition.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“Happiness, too, is inevitable”- A Tribute to Jamie Gillis

By Heather Drain

Let’s face it, folks, the past two years have been horrible for losing great artists, especially for those of us who are into the fringe arts. Damiano, Lux Interior, Bill Landis, Ron Asheton, Brian “Smerdley” Shane, Jack Wrangler, Sky Saxon, Erica Boyer, Juliet Anderson and now Jamie Gillis.

Search for Jamie Gillis

I can’t even convey to you properly how weird it feels to type out that sentence, especially since the news only broke out a few days ago. Death is always a surprise but this was a case of it being genuinely shocking. This was a man that lived life to its fullest and for being 66 years old, he looked damn good. Better than anyone has a right to. But it’s not just appearances. There was something truly bigger than life about the man. Part of that was persona. Any fan of blue films worth his or her salt should be more than familiar with “the dark Prince of Porn. But Gillis was more than that, both as an actor and as a man. This was someone you could never just write off as this or that. When you do that, you’re usually missing the most beautiful and brilliant part of the picture. It is the layers of Gillis’s talent and intelligence that has always fascinated me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pornagraphi (DVD) - Pink Flamingo Entertainment

Here's a very interesting title available now from the great Danish adult film company, Pink Flamingo Entertainment.

Buy Pornagraphi now! Right here:

Pornografi consists of a series of short-films done by Ole Ege before the legalisation of pornography. Also included on this DVD is the notorious film about the farmgirl Bodil.

“Bodil, en sommerdag i juli 1970” (1970)
“Den kinesiske maske” (1964)
Plus slideshow & 4-siders booklet af Ole Ege
Released by Pink Flamingo

Above description from!