Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pornagraphi (DVD) - Pink Flamingo Entertainment

Here's a very interesting title available now from the great Danish adult film company, Pink Flamingo Entertainment.

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Pornografi consists of a series of short-films done by Ole Ege before the legalisation of pornography. Also included on this DVD is the notorious film about the farmgirl Bodil.

“Bodil, en sommerdag i juli 1970” (1970)
“Den kinesiske maske” (1964)
Plus slideshow & 4-siders booklet af Ole Ege
Released by Pink Flamingo

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Review: Maraschino Cherry

Growing up in the '80s and '90s and being exposed to much of the XXX films of both eras, it was rare that a film was pleasing to the eye - aside from the copious amounts of naked bodies and sexual acts on display. Porn wasn't suppose to be something that you could hold up to other genre films in the technical sense. This is precisely why I love the '70s era of porn. Radley Metzger under his pseudonym of Henry Paris produced several soft-core, artsy erotica before he started producing much of the "high-class" pornography he's known for. Films like The Opening of Misty Beethoven and of course today’s Blue Cheese review, Maraschino Cherry. Maraschino Cherry along with Blonde Ambition and Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle are apart of the Elite Platinum Series from Video-X-Pix - a newer brand of adult DVD that really dwarfs most similar releases in every department.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleazy 70s Stags on DVD!

Available for the first time to home entertainment, this astounding authentic 8mm Home Projector Loop Collection from the Sleazy '70s features Big-Busted-Beauties Uschi Digard (ILSA, SHE-WOLF OF THE SS, SUPER-VIXENS), Candy Samples (FLESH GORDON, BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRA-VIXENS) and Grindhouse Hottie Rene Bond (FANTASM, CHIC '69). 24 Loops Plus Over 30 Minutes of Vintage Sexploitation Trailers on 1 DVD Over 3 Hours of Content!

Get your gigantic sloppy knocker fix now! Only from Independent Entertainment and MVD Visual.

Sleazy '70s Stags

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Review: Joy

After reviewing Shaun Costello's classic rape-themed porn sickie, Forced Entry, another title dealing with rape included in its narrative came to my attention. This time it's a comedy, titled Joy, from director, Harley Mansfield. Joy's premise is actually quite original. The story involves a frigid young woman named Joy(Sharon Mitchell) who has no desire to have sex with her very eager boyfriend, Rick(Jay Pierce). On the way home from school one day, Joy is attacked by two hoodlums. She's forcibly knocked to the ground and raped by one of the slime-bags. As he pulls away upon ejaculation, Joy lunges toward him asking for "more". This scares the shit out of both. They bail as if they were the one victimized. Joy is now a new woman, exhilarated and very sexually charged from her unorthodoxed encounter.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movie Review: Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle

Meet Annie Sprinkle. She’s an incredibly curvaceous red-head, sporting colossal DD breasts and vanilla skin. Annie loves sex. All kinds of sex - rough sex, soft sex, wet sex, smelly sex, any kind of sex with a woman or man(or both at the same time). Annie is an exhibitionist who would also like you to watch her have sex with numerous partners, exploring nearly all avenues of sexual fulfillment including: anal sex, cunnilingus, analingus, golden showers, titty fucking, "Dove"fucking(a nipple is used to rub on a clit) and good ol' fashion fuckin'. Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle: Platinum Edition from Video-X-Pix shows Annie doing all the above. If you like gigantic melons and truly wild sex please continue reading.

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is somewhat of a personal venture for Sprinkle. It’s almost like Annie invited you over to her house, chatted with you a little, showed you some pictures of her as a child, pictures of family then coaxes you to watch her do her favorite thing, have sex…lots of it. The first thing Annie would like to bring to your attention, is that there are two naked men arm-wrestling(!!) in front of her fireplace. Annie loves muscle-bound beefcake. She swiftly takes control of the situation, draining both gentlemen of their life-giving fluids.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movie Review: The Voyeur

Take a look to the left at the cover of Brass's soft core erotica film, "The Voyeur (L'uomo Che Guarda)". Like what you see? Well good because Voyeur is chalk full of dairy aire supplied from naked curvaceous European women. This is a Tinto Brass film and if your acquainted with his work then you know what you're in for. The Voyeur however is my first foray into Tinto's work. I've known about him and his legendary status as an erotica filmmaker but have never had the chance to see it for myself until now. I can't say this is the best place to start in his vast catalog (Caligula, Salon Kitty) but it definitely suffices. The plot centers around Eduardo "Dodo" who is, you guessed it, a voyeur.

The plot goes like this. Dodo is a professor of French literature and lives in a nice penthouse with his bed ridden father Alberto and busty in house nurse Fausta. Silvia, Eduardo's blonde and beautiful wife has left him for another man. Dodo becomes extremely jealous and turns to his voyeur fetish in her absence. Dodo begins to watch everyone around him perform sexual acts. Dodo even secretly watches Fausta as she does more than just take care of Alberto, at his request. Eduardo also daydreams frequently, especially about Silvia. He also has flashbacks from when Dodo was younger about watching his mother and father having sex. All of this ties in together to form a predictable finale but it is an enjoyable watch.

When watching The Voyeur I actually felt like one myself. Many shots are first person, giving the notion that you are observing the carnal acts through Dodo's eyes. Tinto also directs scenes from a bird eyes view, giving the impression that maybe others are watching. Eyes are a very important factor in this film, pictures of them are all over the walls in Dodo's penthouse. Tinto's loving affection for asses is clearly shown. Whenever a female character is on screen, you know a behind shot is not far away. Breasts are on full display as well. Fausta struts around the house with her jugs popping out with zero care. Only thing that was pretty, shall I say oft putting, was the various women with chewbacca mane vagina's and...armpits. Seeing a beautiful woman with hair protruding from her pits is, well, gross. Moving along now...

Voyeur is actually a pretty good film. If you look past the strange customs of Europeans, how Silvia rubs her vagina in restaurant's for others to see, Alberto having a dildo for a cock (not joking) and Fausta masturbating with a cigar then this should be up your alley. As stated previously, it's a Tinto Brass know what you're in for.

Cult Epics brings Voyeur to DVD in a Special Edition with a good anamorphic widescreen transfer. I had no problems with it, it's an independent erotica film from the 90's, it's a good as it allows. There a two audio tracks. One is the Italian language with optional English subtitles and a newly recorded English language track. Extras include: Photo Gallery, Trailers for Private, Cheeky!, Frivolous Lola, Miranda, All Ladies Do It, The Key and The Voyeur. A 20 minute interview with Tinto himself. Brass discusses his career, Voyeur, the novel it's adapted from, music and the director's cut. Also there is a Sneak Preview of Tinto's latest film, "Kick the Cock". Overall I have to say Cult Epics continues to give erotica films the respect they deserve.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Platinum Elite DVD Collection from Video X Pix!

Below are some premium examples of why we love the "Golden Age" of adult cinema. Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, Maraschino Cherry and Blonde Ambition are packed with extras and re-mastered with care by Video X Pix, for their Platinum Elite Collection!

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